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the Lynx luggage customer price an average increase of 1.08 times
2013/4/19 9:07:53
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In the past two years, the Lynx luggage customer price an average increase of 1.08 times, leading the entire apparel category. Nevertheless, luggage business in the development process but there are also a lot of common problems. For the industry as a whole,storage box businesses do not care and do not understand the market macroeconomic policies, a direct result of the market replacement soon. In marketing, the vast majority of bags businesses do not have much experience for the growth of the brand, customer management and most still remain in the active phase With SMS, there is no deeper level of marketing tools. Network brand for product development, many of them in the copy board sellers stage, lack of product life cycle adjustment, there is no mechanism for replenishment mechanism. The same time, the merchant team instability non woven bag and rapid growth process can not resolve the plight luggage merchant confused one.

    In 2012 as a whole, bags on the quality of goods / commodities received does not match the refund rate has more than 50% of the decline, as developed in the first half of luggage details page material standard effectively enhance the buying experience for buyers. The suitcase market share rising, the damage caused during transport received damaged goods refund rate.
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