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The Taobao Data luggage consumer
2012/7/27 17:15:21
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by observing the luggage category in the past year, Taobaothe turnover of the situation, to describe in one word, that is, "survival of shopping bag  the fittest". Pairs of eleven pairs of 12 big promote, luggage market, the total number of stores decreased by about 100,000, the active number of stores have remained stable. Although the luggage market has not yet formed a women's market as the oligarchs, but the distance "over the shoulder of the seller" dominant period is not far. The sellers are allowed to enter a more stable active shop echelon should begin intensive, such as careful shelf hanging organizer study of consumer data, and good old customer maintenance, new product development should be prudent and cost savings to create the explosion models.

According to the last 10 to December luggage market seller data, luggage seller clusters, Guangdong accounted for 30.36%, non-woven fabric followed by Shanghai, 13.13%. January this year, the seller off shop tide Guangdong sellers proportion increased to 30.50%, Zhejiang seller had declined to 11.37%. This is concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, luggage seller is good news, at least prove that the luggage industry in Guangdong is more correct direction.

But the degree of competition within the luggage industry in non woven bag Guangdong is far more intense in other regions, although the turnover point of view is 3 times the number of traded goods is 1.96 times that of Shanghai, but the turnover number of stores is four times that of Shanghai, so the Guangdong region shoulder strength is to focus its efforts on the second half of luggage sellers.



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