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Plastic bag levy a waste of space, say makers
2011/7/19 23:22:43
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Manufacturers have called on the government to scrap the plastic bag levy claiming this has led to an even greater use of plastics, posing an even greater threat to the environment.

The Hong Kong Plastic Bags Manufacturers' Association said yesterday a survey of 100 firms showed a 96 percent rise in the number of nonwoven bags made and a 63 percent rise in garbage bags since the levy was introduced in June 2009. On the other hand, the production of T-shirt bags, also known as shopping bags, dropped 68 percent.

Association vice president Eric Lau Chi-leung said each non woven bag uses 30 times the plastic required for a shopping bag. "Many people think the nonwoven bags are environmentally friendly. This is not true," he said.

"You may think we can make more money because of the increased production of nonwoven bags. Yes, we do. But we want to let the public know these so-called recyclable bags are detrimental to the environment."

Lau said that since nonwoven bags are heavier, they may add to the pressure on landfills. He added that the levy - 50 HK cents per bag - is a failure since it may cause more harm to the environment and is an unnecessary burden on consumers.

Greeners Action senior project officer Kwok Ying-ying said that while nonwoven bags are made of plastic and are heavier, it does not necessarily mean the burden on landfills is greater.

"In fact, people do not always dump nonwoven bags," she said, adding they can be used for at least three years.

A spokesman for the Environmental Protection Department said nonwoven bags account for 0.4 percent of plastics dumped in landfills. He said the department does not encourage commercial tenants or groups to distribute nonwoven bags.




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