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Hanging Organizer

Hanging Organizer
2010-6-10 16:30:54
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        Hanging organizer is the needed item for places other than residential like offices. Therefore many designs have been developed for hanging organizers in order to create more convenience to our daily life. A hanging organizer is a great piece that helps to make sure your home items like towels, stationary, food, souvenirs etc stay organized. At the same time it is adding the usable spaces for you to keep your items. Principally hanging organizer is made from several types of common materials like cotton, fabric, canvas and non-woven.

       Hanging costume storageFor costumes, flat storage may create more problems than it solves, since it is impossible to store them in this manner without forming folds and creases. Therefore, unless the costume is so weakened that it cannot support its own weight, hanging storage is perhaps the best option. Costumes which are unusually heavy (heavily beaded gowns, for instance), or those whose fabric may distort easily (such as some stretch fabrics, or those cut on the bias) should also be stored in flat storage. Garments suitable for hanging should be placed on plastic hangers which have been padded to mimic the shape of human shoulders, and covered with a plastic or cloth cover with an open bottom to allow air circulation while keeping the costume clean . Wooden hangers may have a high acid content, which may cause discolouration or decay to the costume. Likewise, metal hangers do not provide sufficient support, and may lead to distortion of the garmentsí shoulders. Therefore, both forms of hanging should be avoided .

      If sufficient space is available, selected garments may be stored on dummies to better keep their shape. If this method is used, dummies should be fitted out with the proper undergarments, such as bustles or panniers, to provide adequate support for the garments as they were intended to be worn. However, while the main concern of a display may be to make the garment look attractive on the dummy, storage need have no such considerations. Loose, unsupported parts of the garment (such as sleeves or shirts) should be loosely stuffed with acid-free tissue paper to provide additional support .

     Costume accessories can be stored in a variety of ways. Generally, bonnets and gloves should be loosely stuffed with acid-free tissue and placed in archival-quality boxes or under cover. Fans and parasols may be stored in half-open positions, which provide the least amount of stress on the fabrics .

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